Yoga Its Just Good For Everyone

Dated: May 12 2015

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I think the world would be a better place if everyone practiced yoga!  Yoga teaches you to "Breathe", breathe through the poses, breathe through life, breath through the ups and the downs..just breathe.  I have learned to remember this when things get stressful: stop, breath, respond.  It has helped me through difficult situations (watching my dying mother in hospice), through good times, stressful times, and life changing decisions.  Yoga teaches you to slow down and be in the present moment.  Yoga teaches you to let anything that does not serve you go.  Yoga is life.  Other benefits of yoga include increased focus, a more limber body, and another way to stretch and become stronger.  I have learned to appreciate and have gratitude for all the "simple" things in life (a beautiful sunset, calm family time, hot coffee in the morning, a thoughtful conversation with a good friend, a walk with my dogs and so much more).  So, if you have not tried a yoga class lately, take the time to try it!  There are classes available through out the Winter Park/Fraser Valley.   Mountain Moon Yoga offers many options of classes throughout the week.  The Grand Park Rec Center has yoga classes as well.    You can also go online, there are many free sites offering all different levels of yoga classes!  So many options, find one that works for you.

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If you're in town, stop by and say hello.  I can fill you in on where I am teaching yoga and also what is new in the Winter Park/Fraser real estate world!  I look forward to seeing you in town and remember to B-R-E-A-T-H-E!!

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